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Slab Foundation Repairs

Slab foundations can often have problems with sinking or sagging slabs of concrete that cause entire rooms of your home or business to drop, pull away from the building, and cause massive amounts of damage. If left alone eventually as a slab foundation sinks and moves the structure of the building will become damaged as well cracking drywall, pulling at electrical and plumbing, and potentially collapsing. Fortunately, these expensive repairs can be avoided with our poly leveling system. 


With our concrete leveling system, we are able to inject a foam that gets as hard as concrete under slab foundations lifting them back up where they belong then filling the void with additional poly foam material to help stabilize and support the affected area. These repairs are considered permanent as long as the soil beneath the structure is stabilized and not still moving.


Check out some of the concrete slab foundation services we offer below:

  • Slab Foundation Lifting

  • Soil Stabilization

  • Deep Foam Injection

  • Concrete Crack Repairs



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