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Sidewalk - Concrete Leveling

Sidewalks and transitions on to roadways and/or business entrances are one of the most common concrete leveling jobs we do!


The weather and soil types found here in Southwest Indiana and Southeast Illinois result in sidewalks that tend to move up and down a lot due to moisture changes in the soil, tree roots, etc. It can be a huge problem!


Thankfully with our Quick Level poly concrete leveling system, we can keep your sidewalks straight a smooth resulting in increased safety for your employees and guests!


Unlevel concrete is one of the leading causes of falls on the commercial property surpassed only by ice! The crazy thing is most businesses already shovel their walkways and salt them to prevent falls but do not always maintain the walkways due to them being unlevel.


Every year people fall on ice and businesses are not held accountable because they took reasonable measures to prevent the accident. Having improperly maintained concrete like the pictures below can result in injury and definitely shows negligence.


It's important to recognize safety issues like this and repair these types of issues before they become major problems costing the company thousands.


Our concrete leveling system can be used to far more cost-effectively maintain and repair uneven concrete than replacement. 


For your business's personalized quote contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our certified concrete leveling specialists.


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